Curiosities about Galician geography (I)

The Galician geography is full of curiosities. In each route through forests you can discover the great geographic diversity of this region. Pay attention and enjoy.

Galicia, the recognized Paradise

Do you know that nearly 12% of Galicia territory are protected areas for their great environmental value? Flaunt about the Galician landscape is very easy. In Galicia there is a National Park, Illas Atlánticas, where located the famous Cies Islands. But we also have other places with very interesting landscapes, such as ZEC Pena Trevinca, where is the height point of Galicia or the Natural Park Complexo dunar de Corrubedo e lagoas de Carregal e Vixán, where we can admire their exceptional mobile dune and swimming in a unique area.

Vegetation changed a lot

Frequently, we can expect that the current vegetation did not change in a lot of time, but this is not true. The Earth climatic changes mean that the plants and trees change over time. For example, in the north of Galicia, in Fragas do Eume, we can find an incredible tertiary fern. This plant was present in Galicia millions of years ago and now only can find in a very concrete zone.

The most famous trees

One of the environmental protection figures in Galicia is named árbores senlleiras, what is this? In general, are a very ancient trees that have a great importance in their location. Amongst the most notable is oak of Freán (Quercus robur) in the municipality of Xermade with more than 14 meters of perimeter.

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