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I am geographer from the University of Santiago de Compostela, where I graduated in 2015. Than I realized a master about Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the University of Alcalá. At the present, I am working as a predoctoral research in University of Santiago de Compostela with an FPU contract since for two years. With this contract I am elaborating my doctoral dissertation, what is about geomorphological dynamics in the Galician rocky coasts using new technologies (drone, RFID sensors, TMEM ...). With this project also intended to improve the coastal management, analyzing the issues that could be occur and their possible solutions.
In the past, I was linked to the research world with a collaboration scholarship in the Department of Geography (USC), with a JAE-Intro scholarship in CSIC and as employed in Laboratory of Espectro-radiometría y Teledetección Ambiental (Speclab) in CSIC. During my experience in the CSIC I could work in a totally different sector. In this job, I analyzed biophysic parameters of vegetation and trying to understand their evolution and response to Global Change in a tree-grass ecosystem. Other field where I worked are the wildfires. Following my Final Master Project, I realized a study for estimate the risk of wildfire ignition in Galicia using remote sensing information.

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