Find other ways to learning Geography

What comes to mind when you think about Geography? Do you want to be a researcher? When this adventure finished, you will ready for anything

Geography, a full world of surprises

Focus your attention in any little detail, sometimes the simplest things hide a wonderful secrets.

Geography allowing you to travel to incredible places without leaving your home

Let your imagination run wild, get creative, the new discoveries born thus

Although we are not informatics, computers are essential in our job. I used a lot of GIS softwares

Stranger questions

(or as leave amazed a scientist)

"How many types of rocks exist in Aragon?"

Somos científicos contest

"Do you believe that any type of convection currents could be influence in magma accumulation in the magmatic chamber?"

Somos científicos contest

"Do you bath in the sea while working?"

Somos científicos contest

"Do you believe that in the future some Spanish coastal zones, as La Manga, may be sunken in the sea?"

Somos científicos contest

"According to TEPCO it has occurred an increase in radioactive levels in the sea. In Japan, for example this happened in relation to the Cold War conflicts. It is possible that this radiation arrives to our coasts?"

Somos científicos contest

How did I get to here?

When I was younger I had not a clear idea about my studies. I started an Engineering and, I wanted to study History, but finally and by chance I find my true vocation. Never is too later to find your vocation.

My discoveries

Maximum boulder movement
Galician coast that could be disappear
Of wildfires are deliberate
Different types of coast in Cies Islands


These devices did not only use for entertainment. In the research world we use drones for know in detail each study area and create 3D models, such as this.

Working material, what can not miss?


RFID sensors


Receiving antenna



Fieldwork, what is?

Not all knowledge is in the books. The fieldwork is elemental for a great geographer. Thus, can discover the nature behavior and check if our ideas are correct or no.


Want to question me something? What things do you think we could improve?