Coastal changes

Why it wants to know if coastal change? Change their place ever? Sometimes people ask me this type of questions. Actually, the answer is not simple. In many cases people do not understand the relevance of coastal studies.

Usually, you can believe that the biggest boulders were always in the same position and in the same coastal place, but it is not correct. For example, in Galicia it was demonstrate that boulders more than 1.5 meters were moved during winter storms from 2016-2017.

Many people love to spend their holidays in coastal zones or even live in these areas (the fact, 37% of global population reside less than 100 kilometers to coastal zone). Currently, in the Global Change context, the sea level rise or the increase of storms and their virulence could be affect negatively to the people or infrastructures near the sea. This is a key factor to understand the need to analyze the behavior and the evolution of the coastal and try to predict the future dynamics.

How we can avoid the possible damages connected to the coastal dynamics? Further research. Know in a deep the marine currents behavior, the effect of waves in the coastline or the resistance of materials help us to prevent future problems. In addition, this research should be in relation to a correct management from the governments.

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