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Presentación | Alejandro Gómez-Pazo

A few years ago, the research world attracted me to the dark side and since then I am combining teach in the University with try to understand the coastal behavior, which is one of key factors in my doctoral dissertation.

Since some time ago I had in my mind the idea to create a place to speak about my profession and that all people can see I am doing in the research world. Well, here it is! Whit the creation of this website that idea becomes in reality.

Surely you want to know the utility for this page, right?

With this new project, I want to explain you my day to day as researcher, although now I tell you that not all days are interesting. I promise do not speak about bureaucracy and show you many images and amazing graphs.

Here I will show you as are the machines with I work and that doing with them for improve the coastal comprehension. This is very relevant for know the Galician coastal evolution. Furthermore, I will also show you my work places. How many will you want to visit?

In this website also create a space for childrens. In this page may to approximate to the science in a more enjoyable way. They may to know more about the environment and their mechanisms. I hope that this experience serves as continuing investigating.

Although not always is easy, for the work or for the difficulties to start a new project. I think that dissemination our investigations is fundamental to reach more people. If we show our job and advances, the world can understand the importance of our investigations. I hope that this is only the start to a great adventure, are you coming with me?

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